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We go through vast lengths of research to help us to deliver only the best possible results. Transport being one of our most essential sectors of conduct, we also provide services like detailed project reports, feasibility studies, surveys, project management consultancy, and master planning.

Town Planning

MONARCH has always believed in exceeding expectations when it comes to planning and design, which definitely strengthens our client’s trust in us. We work closely with our team of experts to create a structure that works well with the requirements. By diligent planning and understanding of the project, our team lays down a direction that moves the project forward, maintaining the confidence of our clients. Keeping in mind the scale at which the project is to be worked on, we connect with our internal experts to achieve a higher level of performance and great output.


MONARCH is a recognized leader in Geospatial services across the country. Our experts operate in the field of geospatial services like geographic information science (GIS), projects related to natural resource management issues, high-resolution location, and object data. We have been providing a clear direction and innovative vision to the expectations of clients as we enable them to acquire data. This information can further be utilized for analysis, modeling, simulations, and visualizations.


Overseeing a varied number of sectors, MONARCH also caters to the application of scientific methods and engineering techniques that pertain to geotechnical processes needed to carry out any given project. Our services consist of investigation of subsurface conditions and materials; determination of the relevant physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of these materials. We also look into the design of earthworks and retaining structures.


We at MONARCH thrive to work towards the betterment of water resources. With expertise in a variety of sectors, water resources is one such sector we excel at. Having been in the industry for quite some time and working on various projects in the field, we aim to provide the most efficient solutions to the existing problems and keep up with the requirements that come across. An innovative approach towards this sector is what we firmly believe in.


MONARCH is setting up a new trend with Digital platforms, along with mastering the other sectors. We make the best of recent technologies and are always motivated to fulfil our client’s expectations up the notch for every project. The team of experts at our company have a hold of different apps, portals, and systems that ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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